Tokyo Digital Shake-Up

May 13, 2019

Web & Digital Marketing Expo (Shake-Up) features a variety of solutions regarding marketing automation, AI, web marketing, adtech and video advertising. Authorized professionals in the fields of marketing, public relations, advertising, sales planning and sales promotion visit Web-Mo Osaka to conduct face-to-face business with exhibitors.

B to B show aiming for discussions and orders

Japan IT Week Spring is not just an event for public relations but an exhibition for business discussions and generate sales. For this reason, Show Management makes sure that each exhibitor has at least one set of table and chairs for business discussions inside of the booth. As a result, exhibitors have been able to negotiate with visitors extensively and achieve great results.


Marketing Automation, AI Application, Web Marketing, Ad Tech/Video Advertising, Web Service, etc.

Business Matching:

●New products & techonology introduction

●Technical consultation of IT projects

●Cost & schedule estimation


Marketing, Public Relations/Advertising, Sales Planning, Manager, Management Planning, etc.

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